What is The Difference Between an Ethernet Splitter a Hub and a Switch

Wish to expand your network connectivity? Add either Ethernet Splitter, Switch, or Hub to your collection and enjoy a reliable data connection. These devices are mainly designed to diversify the capabilities of the traditional router.

Each of them comes with its own merits and demerits and, therefore, one must have the appropriate knowledge to find the best component.

TechAmple provides a clear comparison between Ethernet Switch, Hub, and Splitter to check what works best for you.

What is Ethernet Splitter?

If you urge to reduce the total number of wires and cables running through the walls and floor, then Ethernet Switch might work best for you.

An integrated optical power distribution device enables you to utilize one cable for two ethernet connections.

They are the most commonly known passive optical devices used to split the light beam and then couple them up for branch distribution.

However, you need to remember that Ethernet Splitters must be purchased in pairs because when you use Splitter, you are converting two wires into one.

You can use the Ethernet Spitter to eliminate the need for cables but beware that it reduces wire and decreases the output from 1000Mbps to 100Mbps, which is a significant disadvantage.

The Ethernet splitter may sound like a great solution to promote a neat and clean set-up, but at the same time, it shrinks the data transfer speed between the devices connected via the internet.

The slow speed will, in turn, affect the performance of the devices.

You can also connect two wires with the Ethernet splitter simultaneously, which means that they are limited to a maximum of two devices per cable.

Key Benefits:

  1. Straightforward design
  2. Easy and convenient to use
  3. Ethernet Splitter is Affordable Reduces the number of Cat5 cables
  4. Can drive multiple outputs from the single cable

What is Ethernet Hub?

Ethernet HubCommonly operates at the physical layer of the OSI model, Ethernet Hub looks pretty similar to the Ethernet Switch and helps establish a secure connection between multiple ethernet devices.

However, unlike the switch, Ethernet Hub supports half-duplex communication, which means you cannot send and receive data simultaneously.

The best thing about Hub is that it is easy to work with.

This results in collisions and data hold-ups, which causes the network to slow down and hogging the precious bandwidth, especially when you are using multiple devices simultaneously.

Also known as an active hub or repeater hub, a network hardware device makes several Ethernet devices act as a single network segment.

Ethernet Hubs have no memory to store information, and therefore, these are now largely obsolete and replaced by better-performing network switches.

Key Benefits:

  1. It can easily connect with the different media types.
  2. It is way cheaper as compared to its alternatives like Switch and Ethernet Splitter.
  3. It doesn’t impact the network performance.
  4. It is capable of extending the total distance of the network.
  5. Hubs are simpler and convenient to use.

What is Ethernet Switch?

Ehternet Switch

Functions as a central station connecting computers, printers, and other devices to each other, Ethernet Switch is relatively easy to operate. It provides you the inbound data from your network devices with separate pathways.

This means that data between multiple devices never interfere with each other. Switches also allow full-duplex communication with the help of which the user can send and receive data simultaneously without hindering the other process.

Ethernet switch, in turn, supports fast and reliable communication. What makes Ethernet Switch worth considering is its affordable cost.

They are not at all expensive, and one can quickly get them without spending a fortune. Ethernet Switch usually works at the data link layer or the network layer of the OSI model.

Therefore, it supports multiple packet protocols. It operates like a multi-port network bridge and provides several ports for subnets to connect various devices like PC, printers, cameras, etc.

The switch is mainly used in the wired network to establish a secure connection between devices using the Ethernet cable. They accomplish their linking function by bridging Ethernet frames between Ethernet segments.

Ethernet Switch can transmit data to any of the ports without creating any interference.

Key Benefits To Look For:

  1. They are durable, thanks to their metal casing.
  2. They promote reliable connectivity.
  3. Delivers excellent
  4. performance Enhanced
  5. security Network scalability

Comparison between Ethernet Switch vs Hub vs Splitter.

Basic ComparisonEthernet SwitchEthernet HubEthernet Splitter
LayerData Link Layer or Network LayerPhysical LayerOptical Layer
FunctionConnects the multiple wired devices by using an Ethernet CableConnects various Ethernet devices and makes them work as a single network segmentSplits the cable into two outputs and reduces the number of wires
Transmission formTransfers packets or frames from one LAN port to anotherElectrical signals or bitsBased on 100BASE-T Standard and they work by splitting the internet connection
Transmission typeFull-DuplexHalf-DuplexCross-over connection
Number of Ports852
Network SpeedHighAverageLow
Energy EfficiencyBestGoodIntermediate
UsesIdeal for connecting several devicesSuitable for a small set-upGood for connecting 2 devices only
Play and PlugYesYesNo


Be it Ethernet Splitter, switch, or Hub, all of them are loaded with tons of great features and go well with the application they are designed for.

But when it comes to selecting the best option, both Ethernet Switch and Splitter have no match.

While Splitter is a great choice to connect two PCs over a single network cable, Ethernet Switch is a high-speed device that delivers excellent power output.

Consider the pros and cons of every device and only then select the option that works well with your connection needs and requirements.

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