16 Best Premium Link Generator 2021

Do you prefer downloading files from the internet and are looking for the best premium link generator to serve the purpose?

Well, your search ends here!! Here, we have given the rundown of the best link generator websites to fetch the file from the premium websites without paying the subscription charges.

These link generators allow you to download your much-needed file from the premium file-hosting sites for absolutely free.

TechAmple has tested different websites using some links from the hosting services to ascertain the best out of the majority of options available over the internet.

Just keep scrolling the page and find out the list of the free premium link generator options to try out this year. Take a look here!!

What is a Premium Link Generator?

Premium Link Generator is simply a website or service that assists the user to install files from anchor servers like Rapidgator, Uploaded.net, Turbobit, etc.

When you allocate the link to a particular file, it creates another link to download it as if you were a premium client.

It abolishes several restrictions of the standard downloading actions like speed and waits times among downloads.

Primarily, it is a web-delivered facility that bridges the gap between clients and the definite file anchoring resources.

It gets you a premium link to an available file without creating a unique account for the same.

You can effortlessly utilize these free premium link generators without costing a dime and love all the advantages and assistance.

The end-user can use both Android as well as PCs to unlock access to these sites.

Reasons to use Premium Link Generators

You are in dire need of a secure and free premium link generator for your daily life, especially when you install various files off the internet.

While some users prefer downloading via torrent, others using IDM, others can go total premium and install from premium file anchors.

There are several good reasons to use the premium link generator when downloading the files from the hosting servers. These include:

  • These are more practical than others and very straightforward to use.
  • It ensures the safety of the file you are fetching and makes sure that the file will not harm your PC.
  • These link generator websites can afford the fast download speed with no restrictions.
  • It is free to use and allows you to fetch your favorite file without paying through the nose or without taking any subscription.

List of Best Free Premium Link Generators

Here’s the guide to the best premium link generators to try out in 2021. Let’s get started!!

1. CocoLeech Rapidgator Premium Link Generator

cocoleech premium link generator

Let’s unfurl the list with the very famous CocoLeech Rapidgator Premium Link Generator.

This counted amongst the high-quality debris service that users can quickly get online, provided that users must know about the same.

This allows you to download a maximum of 10 files without any subscription or charges.

One can access their services without being a registered member and use the free link generator available on the website.

It has a simple graphic interface to enable easy and fast navigation. This supports various hosting websites and shows the list of the last hundred files downloaded with this tool.

2. NeoDebrid Premium Link Generator

neodebrid premium link generator

Neo Debrid Latest Premium Link Generator is another helpful tool that goes very handy for online users.

As a free user, you can use their premium service and get exactly what you need.

It is a free multi-hoster, VPN, torrent downloader, and debris service that allows users to download files from all hostings such as Nitroflare, Uploaded, Wdupload, etc.

You can easily click to start downloading with IDM of any download manager of your choice.

3. Premiumleech.EU

premiumleech link generator

This link generator offers free services to its users and supports all premium hosts such as Uploaded, Rapidgator, Turboit.net, and many more.

Using this tool is straightforward. Just open the website, paste the link in the search box, select the file host from where you want to generate the link, and it’s done.

Moreover, it comes with a News button from where the users can access news and other information.

Premiumleech.EU confirms that the person accessing the website is human through the capture code, making it difficult to use.

4. Deepbrid Premium Link Generator

deepbrid premium link generator

Referred to the best free premium link generator, Deepbrid allows you to download files from the file hosting services without limitations.

It permits users to fetch up to five files with a maximum size of 1.2Gb per file without getting registered.

A web-based download manager provides its users with a simple and intuitive SaaS to get their data stored in the virtual cloud storage.

This website comes with an easy-to-use interface. It believes in maintaining privacy and will never leak your account information.

This platform also allows users to download torrent files directly to their accounts quickly.

5. HyperDebrid Link Generator

hyperdberid premium link generator

HyperDebrid.Net is a Premium Link Generator that permits you to produce premium links from uploaded, rapidgator, Depositfiles, nitroflare, icerbox,… and download them at maximum speed for free.

This link generator has access to about 34 hosting websites in which you can download without facing difficulties or errors of any type.

HyperDebrid is good to use, especially if there is link precising and redirects before you can approach a file.

Moreover, the download speed of this link generator is fast and firm, and the highest download limit you can get is around 2045MB respectively.

One doesn’t require registering for an account to use the free premium file downloading facilities provided by the platform.

6. Generator Link Premium

generator link premium

A premium link generator is a tool that allows you to download files from premium file hosting websites.

It is a free service for customers who haven’t paid for the premium file hosting sites’ service.

It creates a premium link for a file without requiring a premium account or that the file is available.

You can post a link to the file using it. You will receive a direct download link as a result of this.

You can then download the file via the created link, just as you had a premium file hosting account.

7. Hungry Leech Premium Link Generator

hungry leech premium link generator

Even though hungry lech only has four hosts, it is well-known for giving excellent service. These four hosts are Rapidgator, NitroFlare, FileBoom, and Depositfiles.

That is also a completely free service and offers the fastest download speed. It’s simple to use, so you won’t have to deal with many complications.

Providing the best service is the primary goal of Hungryleech, and every customer got promised that he would receive the highest quality services.

8. Leechall Free Link Generator Service

leechall premium link generator

The auto-delete feature of this free premium link generator is popular. Because of how well this function works, you won’t have to worry about accidentally deleting the links you create.

The site deletes every file for you 8 hours after the link gets generated, and you will not get access to it once the period is over.

That is fantastic since you’ll never have to worry about files becoming a fortress on your device again.

Leechall Free Link Generator Service is also beneficial because it provides access to more than 50 file-hosting sites, including Rapidgator and Uploaded.

Users can download three files at a time without registering. You also have a 10GB file size limit per link.

9. Uploaded Premium Link

uploaded premium link generator

Uploaded Premium Link Leech Download is another solid and working option on our list. It has a generator with statistics, server utilization, used traffic, server host, and server limit.

The server limit’s purpose is to alert consumers when one of the premium file hosts is down, allowing moving to another premium file host.

As a result, there’s more to learn about this type of free premium file generator. The most recent update for Uploaded Premium Link added new features and designs with the express purpose.

It has made it easier for users to navigate and use the site successfully.

10. Dasan.co Premium Link Generator

dasan premium link generator

Dasan.co is another excellent and inexpensive premium link generator that allows online users to generate premium links directly from file sites, allowing them to download the content at full speed.

It supports the majority of well-known premium file hosting providers. This features plans that are both economical and less expensive.

The monthly plan costs only $2.99. First, you must create a Dasan account. Then choose a plan (beginning at $3) and buy or pay for it.

In the create box, paste the link you copied. Begin your download after the connection has been generated.

11. Reevown Cloud Premium Link Generator

reevown premium link generator

It is a free download site that lets you get premium material for free. Reevown Cloud Premium Link Generator is one of the best link generators because they have a dedicated uploaded.net generator with 84 mirrors and 63TB of storage capacity.

Users can download up to 1GB of data for free per hour on various mirrors, implying that as a premium member.

You have full access to download submitted files via this uploaded link generator. The Cloud is one of the best in 2021, with a plethora of helpful and improved features.

The site just added 13 more file hosters, allowing users to share their connections across many websites.

12. PremiumZen Link Generator

premiumzen link generator

Here is yet another excellent and fascinating website that you can visit for free. Users may obtain their preferred file downloaded to their devices quickly and easily with the Premiumzen link generator.

It believes in simplicity, and thus the system includes three simple steps for consumers to complete to download their desired files.

When using PremiumZen’s free Premium link Generator, all you need to do is research files, create a link, and share it.

Copy the file’s connection, and then download the file to your device. PremiumZen supports about six premium file-sharing sites.

Its most recent update added additional simplicity, properly functioning Downloaders, and a better-blocked feature.

13. 10-download Premium link Generator

10-download premium link generator

10-Download has the most straightforward layout. Moreover, it’s easy to use because there are no delays other than the advertisements.

Just visit the website, paste the URL, receive the download link, and starts downloading. It only supports two hosts: Uploaded.net 1 and 1fichier.

The ten downloads get designed to point straight to the service that consumers are looking for; it is free of distractions to save for a few advertisements.

Please be informed that the 10-download site is displaying a 404-not found error these days. As a result, the website is currently unavailable; however, you hope to upgrade your hosting provider shortly so that you may go live.

14. Leech Ninja

leech ninja premium link generator

Only four file hosting services get supported by this Premium link generator.

All of them are well-known for providing excellent service and security, and Rapidgator, NitroFlare, Uploaded, and Keep2Share are the four hosts it supports. Furthermore, this service is entirely free.

In many aspects, this site resembles the Hungry Leech, and people believe they are owned or developed by the same firm or people because they are so similar.

Visit the Leech Ninja official website. Please complete the “I am not a Robot” Captcha. That establishes your status as a human being.

Accept the terms and conditions in their current form.

15. BigSpeeds Premium Link Generator

bigspeeds premium link generator

When it comes to generating download links (URLs), the Bigspeeds link generator is also a great resource. In online storage and downloads, the site promises to provide a good service.

You have noticed that it is now redirecting to Deepbrid, which means Deepbrid controls the site or purchases it after the domain expires.

They help file hosts and a lot of other people. It is a multi-hoster that creates premium links from a variety of file hosting services.

You can use the service to store, share, and download files on third-party services. It is operational today, and it gets run by the MultiHoster LinkSnappy.

16. HarBlaze Link Generator

harblaze premium generator

Harblaze’s free premium link generator supports a variety of file hosting services that you might find needed.

This company provides free users with approximately 35GB of storage space for each file hosting service. They have a large number of good generator link services that they support.

You can also use their service to check for live Active links, download in bulk, and a variety of other features.

Before you may use HarBlaze’s full range of services, you must first create an account.

Filefactory, filer, file-flash, datafile, MediaFire, mega, Depositfiles are some support services available.


There is a free version of each item on the list. Some feature a subscription-based premium edition.

However, the premium plan comes with additional benefits and features. The premium price plan gets itemized to assist you in making your decision.

They’re also all reasonably priced. Even a first-time user will find the process straightforward and effortless.

This article included all of the needed information about the most acceptable premium link generators.

Now that it’s up to you to choose the unique link generator that you believe is most suited to your needs and data size requirements.

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