How to Fix System Service Exception Stop Code in Windows 10

The Blue Screen of Death error is an infrequent error displayed rarely. In the older versions, a blue wall of text used to show up whenever something went wrong in the windows.

However, finding and fixing the error in the newer versions is easy. The system service exception is the most known Blue screen of death error in Windows 10.

There could be singular or maybe multiple reasons behind this error.

Keep scrolling the page and read the guide thoroughly Provided by TechAmple. It will surely help you to select the stop code system service exception error in no time.

But don’t worry about the same as There are many ways to fix it depending on the type of error.

Let’s get into it!!

What is System Service Exception?

This is an error that is usually displayed as SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. It is quite different from Windows stop code memory management as numerous reasons can cause it.

The general explanation of Blue Screen of death is it occurs when an unauthorized program tries to change its status to an authorized state.

Every operating system has different layers of encryption for different system processes.

Due to this, whenever you open some folder, it opens exactly the one you selected instead of some other file from other drives.

When it fails to do so, the error is displayed. It is a fail-safe measure that protects the other files and system from getting harmed due to the error.

To know what’s wrong, you need to check multiple applications and programs concerned with the process, as there could be different reasons for errors.

How to resolve the System Service Exception error?

There are numerable fixes to rectify the system service exception error. Some of them are given as follows.

1. Update Windows 10 and Installed System Drivers

It can happen when you install new hardware and keeps you notified about the latest updates associated with the programs.

This will also resolve the issue of a Stop Code System Service Exception. It is one of the easiest and the go-to ways to fix this error if that’s the only issue.

Carry out the step-by-step procedure given here.

  1. First, click the Windows Start Menu button in the bottom left corner.
  2. Now, tap on the settings. If you can’t find it, search it using the search bar.
  3. Choose the Update and Security option to check for any new updates.
  4. If you see any new updates, click on the download and install option.
  5. If you installed a new and different device, go online to look and install it.

Screenshots from steps 1 and 2:Windows Start Menu, then Setting.

system service exception

Screenshots from steps 3 and 4: Check for updates, then Download and Install.

system service exception

2. Run the Windows Driver Verifier Tool

Yet another way to resolve this System Service Exception error is to use the Windows Driver Verifier Tool.

It is a tool that can be used to troubleshoot and test the system drives to know if something is wrong with them.

It can also recreate a similar bug that it can recognize and remove. Execute the procedure mentioned here and follow the steps religiously.

  1. To initiate, you must press the windows button on the keypad/keyboard.
  2. In the search tab, enter “Windows Powershell.”
  3. Right-click on it to display the drop-down box and click on the run as administrator.
  4. When the new window pops up, type the verifier and select the standard settings option. Click next to proceed further.
  5. Tick the checkbox that says automatically select all the drivers installed on this computer and click on finish.
  6. You can also select the files manually. Once you are done this, restart your device.
  7. When the device restarts, use it usually. It will intentionally create a bug to test it. To see the results, type the verifier/ query in the Powershell window and enter.

Screenshot from step 2: Windows PowerShell.

system service exception

Screenshot from step 4: type verifier.

system service exception

Screenshot from step 4: Select Create standard settings.

system service exception

Screenshot from step 5: Select Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer.

system service exception 3. Resolving a Driver Verifier BSOD Loop

The following best method is to resolve the driver verifier BSOD loop. Use the following steps to get it done right. Firstly, restart the device.

  1. If it doesn’t continue, hold the power button to switch it off and then keep pushing it to switch it on. Try it twice
  2. Press F4 or F5 to boot in safe mode with the networking option.
  3. Once it restarts, click on the start menu and choose Windows Powershell to run as administrator.
  4. In the Powershell window, enter the verifier to use the Driver Verifier Tool.
  5. In the manager window, delete existing settings and click on finish.
  6. Start the device again if it doesn’t happen automatically, and check whether the error gets resolved or not.

Screenshot from step 4: type verifier.
system service exception

Screenshot from step 5: Delete existing settings then click Finish.

System Service Exception

4. Restoring Your PC using System Restore

Yet another method to eliminate the error is restoring your system to its original settings. Here’s the guide to the complete procedure.

  1. Push and hold the power button to switch it off and keep pushing it to start it again. Repeat this at least twice.
  2. It will initiate an automatic repair options menu. There you need to click on the advance option. Choose to troubleshoot and then go to the advanced option and press the system restore to begin the process.
  3. Select the account of the system you want to restore and press next.
  4. Click on the restore point of the time before you run the driver verifier tool and choose next.
  5. Once you have selected the restore point, press the finish button to start the process.

Screenshot from step 2: Troubleshoot.

System Service Exception

Screenshot from step 2: In Troubleshoot, press Advanced options.

System Service Exception

Screenshot from step 2: In the Advance option, press System Restore.

System Service Exception

5. Run the SFC scan

SFC, System File Check, is the tool that checks for missing and corrupt system files. However, before running this command, it is advised to double-check to ensure its functionality. Here’s given the step-by-step procedure.

  1. Press the windows to start button on the keyboard and search bar. Type Command Prompt and right-click on it for the drop-down box. Now, select run as administrator and move to the next step.
  2. In the command prompt window, type DISM /online /cleanup-image /restore health and enter.
  3. If it takes longer to complete the process, it means lots of cleaning up and restoration.
  4. Once it is complete, type SFC/scan now.
  5. Let the scan take place. Once completed, the system service exception error might have been resolved independently.

Screenshot from step 1: Command Prompt

System Service Exception

Screenshot from step 2:In Administrator Command Prompt, type DISM /online /cleanup-image /restore health

System Service Exception

6. Run the CHKDSK Utility

CHKDSK scans your entire drive for errors and resolves this stop code system service extension error in less than no time.

Below is mentioned the process to run the CHKDSK utility to get the error fixed.

  1. Press the Windows key and X together and then select Command Prompt (Admin) in the prompt from the menu.
  2. Type chkdsk C:/f/r and push the enter button. If you want to check another drive, replace the C with another letter.
  3. If the command prompt window displays saying, Chkdsk cannot be run because another process uses the device, type Y and press enter. It will scan and repair when you reboot the device.
  4. Start the PC again. Allow the check disk command to run as this procedure will try to repair the errors and recover any valuable stuff.

7. Reset or Reinstall Windows 10

Sometimes, the issue of Stop Code System Service Exception occurs due to windows’ internal trouble.

For this, you need to either reset or reinstall the windows. Check the step-by-step procedure here.

  1. Go to the bottom left of the taskbar and click on the Windows Start button.
  2. In the search bar, type Settings.
  3. Now the window settings will appear on the screen. Therefore you need to go to the Update and Security section.
  4. After that, choose the recovery option and press “get started” to initiate the process.
  5. Before it begins to reinstall, select keep my files if you want to store the file. After that, delete all the other applications or remove everything, including your files and the applications.
  6. Once you click on either one, it will reset your Windows 10 to the most basic factory version.

Screenshots from steps 1 and 2: click on the Windows Start Button and click Setting.

system service exception

Screenshots from step 3: Click on Update and Security.

system service exception

Screenshots from step 4: Select Recovery and then Get Started.

system service exception


So, this is all about the guide!! Try all the given methods, and we are sure one of them works and solves the system_service_exception.

If you cannot fix it, take it to a professional who knows or is certified to do the needful.

Also, it is advised to keep the device clean from the inside by removing the useless applications eating up the memory.

One must also try to decrease the screen time that can cause heating up and damage the hardware.

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